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We see Lookout as a critical layer of protection, both to prevent compromise of our corporate data, and to maintain compliance with all privacy laws. Phishing is the biggest unsolved cybersecurity challenge enterprises face today. Phishing is evolving as the mobile device provides new vectors for attack including SMS, social media apps, messaging apps, and readily available access to email.

As a result, mobile users are three times more likely to fall for phishing scams, according to IBM.

android spy apps zapper

In order to ensure comprehensive security across all employee endpoints, enterprises must first understand the Spectrum of Mobile Risk. This, in conjunction with the Mobile Risk Matrix, is a framework security leaders can use to understand the complex attack vectors and components associated with a mobile device. Find out how to bring post-perimeter security to your enterprise today. How to secure the post-perimeter world The perimeter has disappeared.

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Post-perimeter security is the new architecture Each element of post-perimeter security works together to enable enterprises to protect data from threats and risks present on endpoints. How Lookout enables post-perimeter security Lookout enables post-perimeter security by monitoring risk at the endpoint, including phishing threats, to provide continuous conditional access to corporate resources.

Report Learn how Lookout puts the trust in zero trust Read this report to get an in-depth look at how the new security architecture is set up and what enterprises can do to implement it on employee devices now. Phishing: Myths and facts facing every modern enterprise today Phishing is the biggest unsolved cybersecurity challenge enterprises face today.

Mobile stalkerware: a long history of detection

It even contains a "backdoor" to install new functions, according to a new report PDF. However, it's not available in the Google Play app store. The app has been downloaded nearly million times, according to the Open Technology Fund , which is part of the U. The New York Times reported in April that government employees and students are being pressured to install Study the Great Nation, which quizzes users on the fine points of socialist theory and President Xi's activities, then posts the resulting scores on social media for all to see.

The Chinese government will soon require Chinese journalists to pass a loyalty test administered through the app.

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Now it turns out that the app can log user activity and report those activities to the app's administrators — possibly even more. Even the best Android antivirus apps won't be able to protect you from it. It is "evident and undeniable that the examined application is capable of collecting and managing vast amounts of very specific data," said the report from German information-security firm Cure The Cure53 researchers analyzed the Android version of Study the Great Nation and found that it used deliberately weak encryption when handling biometric data, scanned devices to see which other apps were installed and sent detailed logs of user activity to the app's servers every day.

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The researchers suspected the app had other spying features, but parts of its code were encrypted and could not be analyzed. Furthermore, if an Android phone is already "rooted," then the app can also act as a "superuser," allowing the program to do anything on the device. This includes installing other apps or changing system functions and features — a classic "backdoor.