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The company has since rebranded, and is now called Veriato.

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Although eBlaster use to cater to every day users, such as parents, and small business owners, it has decided to drop those services completely to focus on large corporation technology monitoring. They no longer wished to provide service and support to a large number of customers. Instead they now focus serving much larger companies.

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For parents, or medium sized companies, they no longer provide a compatible service at the offered price points. Please refer to other cell phone tracking vendors for such services, but if you are a large corporation, Veriato is an excellent choice.

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Since , SpectorSoft has been creating programs to help protect and monitor businesses and home computers and have now grown into the Android mobile platform with eBlaster. The Florida based software developer counts hundreds of fortune clients and offers very sophisticated business solutions that are tailored for specific needs from employee computers to server infrastructure. They offer varied plans for varied platforms and needs for both Business and Home, and it quickly becomes daunting and confusing to the average visitor looking around the website.

This product operates like all other remote spy apps and is offered both for computers and Android, but unfortunately does not support Apple iOS at this time. Geo-fencing alerts can be set to send an alert if the device exits a pre-set area, as well. On Windows, the software is feature rich and allows for more tracking and logging options along with social media and a key logger, while Mac OS has a similar amount of features with some exceptions. Additionally, more advanced options are offered such as recording video of the actual computer screen display, capturing every action, and the capacity to remote view the recorded footage.

Well, the ladder is designed for local use only, meaning you need to have access to the computer when you need to recover history logs, chat sessions, emails and so on. If you need to change any settings or block sites, you also need to have access. Meaning that Spector software is much better for a home computer, for example.

The solution is designed to monitor and protect large network infrastructures for businesses with top efficiency. Any business owner concerned about having any breaches of agreement, data leaks or simply improve production, the service is the most advanced and well-rounded system currently available on the market.

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The Spector Recon was specifically designed with employee privacy in mind. Instead of focusing on monitoring and tracking employee activity, it finds a balance where the worker retains his privacy and the security of the network is kept strong and completely visible. It is more streamlined to better fit smaller needs while keeping all the important features available. You can efficiently track, monitor and control web filtering with ease. Further tools available for network administrators are Event Log and Server Management products.

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The Server Manager offers a strong list of security and management features that can streamline the work necessary to run the infrastructure otherwise. The Event Log Management offers to consolidate a long list of possible data sources and also offer separate disk monitoring software. SpectorSoft products are mainly intended for computer users. Protecting your portable gadget is an important task. Here are described the beneficial and negative features of the eScan Mobile Security.

Hopefully, this eScan review will assist in making your choice. Continue reading eScan Mobile Security Review. The following phone detective review is going to give insight into this tool. I reckon to provide the full catalogue of the options that tool renders and intend to explain you how it actually works.

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    Eblaster mobile smartphone monitoring software

    Excellent iPhone and iPad compatibility. Live customer support and a lifetime of free upgrades. Continue reading Highster Mobile Review.

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      Veriato former SpectorPro is a company specializing in monitoring software development for personal and business use since Unfortunately, the company decided to discontinue eBlaster support, so the app is not available for download anymore. Continue reading eBlaster Mobile. It offers common monitoring features for quite a reasonable price. However, if need parental control and multimedia monitoring, you may be willing to pay a bit extra and buy another app.