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Why is this a big deal? Well, when you're only halfway through your month contract and you've filled your phone with apps and images, Samsung will simply let you buy a cheap microSD card to sort the issue while Apple will make you delete things, buy a new phone or cough up more monthly cash on cloud storage - boo.

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This is where the battle of the iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 is really going to get tasty. The Samsung Galaxy S7 currently boasts the best smartphone camera available. Bar none. The iPhone 6S was no slouch, however, and the iPhone 7 has kicked things up another gear. So, what makes the S7's camera so good? Well, despite having dropped from a megapixel to a megapixel sensor don't worry, that's not a bad thing compared with its predecessor, the S7's snapper features a larger sensor that utilises bigger pixels. That means more light can be drawn in, and that's key to a high quality shot.

It pairs this with integrated optical image stabilisation OIS and speedy auto focus for sharper shots that never fail to impress, even when the lights have dropped. Fortunately, the iPhone 7 has thrown OIS skills into the mix, having previously been reserved the photo-enhancing ability for the larger iPhone 6S Plus.

As a result, the Apple handset can now compete with the S7 in dark, dingy situations such as gigs, clubs and parties - y'know, the places you really want to take pictures. Ah, the classic iOS vs Android battle. Ding-ding, round While iOS was, for years, king of the clean systems and Android the lord of customisation, the two operating systems have increasingly merged together in recent years. Android still has the customisation edge, however, and iOS is still neater and a bit more user-friendly, but there's less between the two than ever.

Behind the top layer of gloss, there's plenty users switching between systems would find familiar. Both now work hard to eek out your battery life, both will turn your holiday snaps into a fun video montage, and both will support every app you could possibly want. What separates them, and what's in Apple's favour, is how quickly the two phones will get updates.

While the S7 is set to face a notable wait for the camera-improving, VR-friendly, emoji-promoting Android Nougat update , the iPhone 7 will launch with the new iOS 10 operating system pre-installed. That means improved Messages features, smarter Siri skills and a Photos app that will automatically know who's in your snaps - creepy.

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iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: What's the difference and which is best for you?

The battle for smartphone supremacy continues to get hotter and hotter, and this year, the iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 head-to-head is shaping up as a doozie. The S7 is already the best phone we've ever seen, and Apple has its work cut out to return to the top of the pile.

Can it do it? Well, with just days until the phone hits retailers' shelves, it remains to be seen. On paper the S7 still has the edge, but paper doesn't account for that sprinkling of Apple magic that so often transforms seeming mediocrity into something truly special.

What could be a death sentence for the iPhone 7, however, is that missing headphone port. If a lack of expandable storage and eye-meltingly detailed display wasn't enough, that lack of jack could push many longstanding iPhone owners into the arms of Samsung. Type keyword s to search. Digital Spy. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Smartphones. The best Sky Mobile phone deals for March.

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